Additional Services

Dryer Vent fires are the leading cause of house fires in the United States. Thousands of dryers catch fire every year due to lack of maintenance. 

Clean Duct Co. wants to help reduce the risk of dryer vent fires by offering you a routine cleaning and inspection.

We clean dryer vents with a spin brush, while applying suction and a blower so all lent is removed from your dryer vent. 

This is a very affordable service to reduce your families risk of having a home fire.

Dirty coils are harmful to units, contaminate air and raise electricity costs. Cleaning your coils regularly is a great maintenance practice. The coils are the heart of your unit. It is what heats and cools your home and lets freon pass through your system. If the coils are dirty it can cause stress on your unit. you will be paying high freon costs and electricity costs. 

You will notice once your coils are cleaned. The home cools quicker and easier because there is no blockage.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic people are sanitizing surfaces, washing their hands & wearing masks. This all helps slow the spread, but have you ever thought about the air in your home? Clean Duct Co. specializes in providing your home with pure air quality. We do this by cleaning and disinfecting the duct system to make sure your air is sanitized. In this pandemic situation we are now offering to sanitize your duct system with “Mediclean Solution”. A solution that is registered by the EPA for use against COVID-19.

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